Which Backup Camera Is Right for Your BMW?

A backup camera is a vital addition to your BMW, if it didn’t come with one from the factory. In the USA and elsewhere, rear-view cameras and other park assist features are even being made mandatory on all new vehicles.

With three different ModMyNav backup camera kits to choose from, picking the right one for your BMW might seem like a challenge.

…but of course, given our commitment to quality, you won’t be disappointed, whichever you choose. All ModMyNav cameras offer improved park assist, to keep your BMW free of dents and scratches.

Unlike many other aftermarket rear-view cameras, ours are fully integrated with your BMWs stock features. The module is mounted in the trunk handle for a clean look. The image is shown on the iDrive display, exactly where you need it. Our rear-view cameras even activate automatically when you shift into reverse. With a ModMyNav retrofit backup camera kit, you’ll get a complete factory-like experience.

OEM-like Backup Camera

Our OEM-like Backup Camera kit is designed to mimic the factory BMW rear-view camera mode. The camera picture will be shown in the center of the iDrive screen, with the PDC sensor information (if available in your BMW) displayed to the right. This makes our OEM-like Backup Camera kit a great option for anybody with factory or retrofitted PDC.

Like all our rear-view cameras, our OEM-like Backup Camera kit activates automatically when you shift into reverse. For even greater ease, it also features on-screen dynamic parking lines, which curve as you turn the steering wheel to show the path your BMW is taking.

Our OEM-like Backup Camera kit is our only rear-view camera that requires coding before use. All other options are 100% plug-and-play.

Full-screen Backup Camera with HD Interface

Our Full-screen Backup Camera with HD Interface offers a modified interface perfect for anybody without PDC in their BMW.

Instead of dedicating one side of the iDrive display to the PDC, this rear-view camera features a full-screen image from the camera, letting you see exactly what’s behind you at all times.

Like our OEM-like Backup Camera, our Full-screen Backup Camera is mounted discreetly in the trunk handle, leaving a minimal footprint, and comes with dynamic parking lines which curve as you turn the steering wheel.

Full-screen Backup Camera Kit

If our HD Interface is not available for your BMW, we also offer our Full-screen Backup Camera Kit. This camera features the same full-screen display, trunk handle mounting and automatic activation when shifting your BMW into reverse.

However, this rear-view camera lacks the dynamic parking lines found in our other kits. Instead, you will see static parking lines which do not curve as you turn the wheel.

Like all our cameras, though, our Full-screen Backup Camera Kit offers peace of mind whenever you’re backing your BMW into a tight space.

Still not sure which camera is best for you? Contact us and one of our team will help you find the best rear-view camera for your BMW.

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07-08-2019 10:29 am

Hi I just bought a 2012 BMW 328i with a no navigation/backup camera and the screen size is smaller not the full size one.
I am interested in installing a backup camera. Could you please provide me with the details of how much it costs including shipping. Im in canada. Thank you.

Mario Werbin,
04-03-2019 11:45 am

2016 m235i. Convertible. Which back up camera is available? Is the image on the screen is standard full width Image? Do you have any wireless systems or are they all wired?Thank you