How To Use Smartphone Apps on the BMW iDrive Screen

Mirroring your iOS or Android smartphone to your BMW’s iDrive display lets you use all your favorite smartphone apps in your car, with the convenience of the iDrive’s dashboard display.

Whatever you see on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll see on your iDrive screen, whether that’s Google Maps or Waze for navigation, Netflix or Spotify for entertainment, or even your favorite news or weather apps.

Using your BMW’s dashboard display means seeing your apps on the big screen, right where you need them, without the clutter that comes with other solutions.

How does it work?

Smartphone mirroring works by casting the image and sound from your mobile device to a wireless receiver attached to a display. For iPhones, this screencasting and audio streaming happens over Apple’s AirPlay wireless protocol, which is baked into iOS. Android and other devices can use the open Miracast technology to do the same thing.

AirPlay and Miracast both function like a typical wired HDMI connection, carrying sound and HD video to an external display. The difference, of course, is that there’s no need for wires. Both instead use Wi-Fi technologies to establish the connection between the device and the display.

How do I get it in my BMW?

Wireless streaming of video and audio is ideal for use in cars, where you don’t want a mess of wires cluttering up your dashboard.

To take full advantage of this technology in your BMW, you’ll need a wireless receiver that can connect to your dashboard display, and interface with your iDrive system for easy operation. ModMyNav’s smartphone mirroring kits include the wireless receiver you will connect your iOS or Android device to, and our custom interface that allows connecting this receiver to your iDrive system.

The interface not only ensures that the picture from your mobile device will be mirrored perfectly on the dashboard display, it also means that your phone’s audio will stream through your BMW’s stereo system. It’s a complete in-car multimedia experience, without a wire in sight.

You’ll also be able to activate and deactivate smartphone mirroring using the factory iDrive controls.

How will my interior change?

The whole mirroring kit is mounted behind your dashboard, including the receiver, interface and all associated cables. This means there will be no changes to the look of your dash.

In use, you’ll connect your smartphone wirelessly. Lay it down in the arm rest or elsewhere in your car, and enjoy your favorite iOS and Android apps on your iDrive screen, without losing the clean, factory look of your dashboard.

If you need help deciding whether smartphone mirroring is right for you, get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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Did u manage to do it

Ann Pearlman,
13-11-2018 4:56 pm

I have a 320i xdrive BMW which came w/out navigation. Apple Car is not compatible for this model
Not sure how I can mirror iOS to dash

Tung Tran,
11-10-2018 4:36 am

I’m interested in getting the whole mirroring kit for my 2015 BMW X1. Please let me know how much is for the whole set? Is it easy to DIY?
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