Why Get a Park Assist Camera for Your BMW?

ModMyNav’s range of high-quality park assist cameras are the perfect match for your BMW. Whether you’re looking for a reverse camera for parking up or a front camera for improved visability, you can’t go wrong with a ModMyNav camera kit.

We can help you find the right backup camera for your BMW, but if you aren’t quite sure whether you even need a camera, we take a look at a few of the most popular reasons our customers give for deciding to add a park assist camera to their vehicle.

It’s the law

“I drive between the US and Canada pretty regularly, and both countries have laws on the books that all new cars sold after May 2018 need to have a rear view camera as standard.

“I got my 328i E90 before the new regulations came in, so it didn’t come with a park assist camera from the factory. I don’t really feel comfortable falling behind on safety regulations, though, so I wanted to make sure my older car was still up-to-date.”

—Mike, Seattle.

Avoid scratches

“The front lip on my 2015 M3 F80 looks great at car meets, but sits pretty low for everyday driving. I’ve seen a few with scratches from the curb, and didn’t want that happening to my car.

“I picked up a front view camera to make sure I kept my M3 in good condition. When I’m pulling up in the street or in a parking lot, I can always take a quick look at the camera to make sure I’m not getting too close to anything in front of me.”

—Antonio, Phoenix.

Keep your family safe

“I’ve heard a lot about people being injured by cars backing up. My F25 X3 has great visibility on the road, but when I’m pulling out of a parking spot, I’m not sure I’d be able to see somebody’s pet or a young child coming across the parking lot.

“Being able to look the picture from the reverse camera and see exactly what’s behind me gives me a little more peace of mind. I don’t know how I’d drive without it any more!”

—Samantha, Milwaukee.

Make parking easier

“To be honest, I’m just not very good at parallel parking. I’m happy pulling into my garage headfirst, but anything that involves driving backwards into a confined space is a no-go area for me.

“A rear-view camera with the moving parking lines has made it much easier. I can turn the steering wheel and see straight away whether or not I’m actually headed where I want to be. It’s probably halved the time I spend parking up.”

—Greg, Jacksonville.

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