BMW Turns to Jazz to Spice Up Their Cars

What sounds do you associate with BMW? The roar of a high-performance engine? The squeal of the tires as you tear round a bend? Or the delightful honk of a baritone saxophone?

If you answered anything other than the latter, you’re (apparently) doing it wrong.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the BMW Welt Jazz Award, when the Bavarians honor the great musical legacy of late-19th century New Orleanians with six free-entry jazz concerts over two months.

In case we’ve lost you, this is all part of BMW Group’s Cultural Commitment, which has seen the company teaming up with artists and musicians from around the world for over 40 years. It’s the program that brought us all those art cars and the free Opera for all concerts in Munich.

The theory is that BMW’s engagement in the arts–including the impressive architecture of the BMW Welt building itself–can help breed creativity in the company, which ends up giving us more expressive BMWs to drive. Which is a good thing, of course. Who wouldn’t want a jazzy 3 Series?

For the Jazz Award, BMW has rounded up a distinguished list of German jazz experts to make up the jury, including magazine editors and musicologists. They’ll see an international lineup of acts taking the stage, coming to Munich from Germany, Austria, Norway and Finland. Come June, the two acts who most impress the jury will battle it out to be crowned the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2018 winner.

Based on the name alone, we’re already rooting for CLUB BOOGALOO.

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