Why You Should Say NO to the BMW Technology Package and Go Aftermarket?

Nothing comes for free in this life, especially everything connected with BMW. So, whenever you’re buying a new BMW vehicle or want to revamp your good old car, don’t be surprised that you will need to dive into the cookie jar.

But there are some things that can be made more bearable financially, like the tech features of your BMW car. With the help of our aftermarket retrofits it’s possible to upgrade your BMW without too much money and effort. To prove the point, let’s see what you get in OEM packages in comparison with the benefits of aftermarket upgrades.

For instance, you’ve decided to buy a brand new X3 for $42 650. After selecting the model, you choose the simple xLine design because you don’t get hooked up that easily by luxury and sport promises that are supposed to add sophistication or speed to your life (together with taking $2000-5000 out of your pocket).


So far it has been easy. However, you then get to consider BMW packages and options that might greatly improve your driving experience — as well as bring in a budget overrun.


I have to admit that in the 1st package, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and keyless entry do sound good, and you would definitely get a win-win opting for them. But lumbar support and other features just don’t feel like worth being paid for, especially $2850.


You might think that this looks much better: real-time traffic information, navigation and head-up display have significant benefits optimizing the whole process of driving. However, if you surf through the forums, you’ll discover that, say, BMW navigation doesn’t work miracles – the routes are sometimes inaccurate and time estimations leave much to be desired. What is more, the system will definitely require upgrades that don’t come for free either. In this case, I would definitely opt for Google Maps/Waze which is free, up-to-date and accurate (everything the BMW navigation isn’t).


Though this premium BMW technology package also includes the features from the Convenience Tier, it costs $6150 – that’s another 15% on top of the base price.

The last and the most expensive package contains everything from the Premium Tier and tops it off with additional cool features like Parking Assistant or Digital Instrument Cluster. And for that you have to put out almost $10K. I’m not the person to decide whether it’s worth it or not, but I can tell you this: the upgrades really make your BMW function better (though I wouldn’t say that they are bare essentials) because they enhance comfort, improve security and safety as well as make your driving more efficient.

The main downsides of these packages are that you can’t just pick the features you need/like and pay only for them. If an HUD appeals to you, you’re forced to purchase it together with other upgrades that will probably stay unused. So, that individual approach that BMW promotes doesn’t seem that personalized anymore.

With aftermarket retrofits it’s a completely different story:

  • You can order separately. If you want, say, to boost your parking, you can get a backup camera with park assist technology and install it, integrating with the iDrive screen. It’s not necessary to give away thousands of dollars on other upgrades that – let’s be honest here – you don’t need. You have a chance to personalize your car based on your individual preferences.
  • The prices are lower. Much of the cost that you have to pay for OEM upgrades comes from the “BMW” add-on, but you’ve already figured that out yourself. That’s why aftermarket retrofits are a good option. And the fact that they don’t compromise on quality, brings them to a completely new level.
  • There is no subscription-based policy. You make the purchase only once – there are no paid upgrades or monthly/yearly fee for using this or that product (which definitely can’t be said of BMW factory options).
  • You can have the ultimate DIY experience. All the retrofits are easy to install and your car expertise will be enough to deal with the simple plug-and-play instructions. At the same time you’ll upgrade your vehicle with your own hands without any professional help. Aren’t you already feeling that sense of accomplishment?

I think you see my point because the logic behind it is very simple – don’t buy things that you don’t want. Use ModMyNav aftermarket retrofits to upgrade only those elements that need upgrading for the sake of your personal comfort or safety. And … stay tuned!

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