4 Nifty Features of Our BMW Front Camera

Well, let’s admit that stancing your BMW or fitting an aftermarket front lip can look great. But when you start parking in one of those vehicles, the cool look takes a back seat. The problem is that it is next to impossible to see all those low obstacles that can scratch, dent or damage your BMW front bumper to the point when minor “facelifts” don’t help (and we all know how much it will cost you to replace it with a new one).

And that’s exactly the moment when the front-view camera comes into play. This is a device that shows hard-to-see objects in front of your BMW car on the iDrive display. Besides this main perk, there are many more features that you will definitely appreciate!

1. Park Assist Proficiency


With an aftermarket front parking camera, it is easy to put your BMW exactly into the spot you need, without inflicting any damages (yeah, it’s actually doable!). The camera can be activated or deactivated manually, but after you shift from reverse into drive, the image of the front appears automatically.

2. Wide Angle Lens


Having this specific feature, the car front camera captures a broad image in front of your BMW, covering the full width of your car. With this enhanced perspective, it is pretty easy to avoid hitting different objects that might leave a trace on your bumper lip.

3. Clean, Clutter-free Look


If you’re afraid that installing a car front view camera will somehow spoil your interior with all the wires and cables, I have good news! Our kit is designed to be hidden behind the dashboard.

4. Plug & Play Installation


You’ll be also happy to know that you don’t need to do any soldering or drilling (except for cutting a small hole for the camera itself in the grill). The kit contains the whole set of necessary cables and plugs to install the BMW front camera as well as detailed instructions to equip your car with the ultimate parking assistant.

As you can see, there are many reasons to opt for a front-view camera in your BMW vehicle. You can enjoy the DIY installation, improve your parking, and, most importantly, cut expenses on repairs! In case, you wish to go the extra mile, consider installing a front facing camera with a backup camera retrofit. But that’s a completely different story …

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