Security and Safety: How an Aftermarket Front Camera Can Save Lives

In a previous post I discussed how comfy it is to have a front facing car camera because of its helpful features. Of course, it’s awesomeness doesn’t end there, but it’s time to deal with a more serious aspect – security and safety, and not only yours or your BMW’s.

According to, thousands of children get hurt on driveways or parking lots each year because drivers don’t notice them from slow-moving cars. In 2016, 42 kids died only in frontovers, and every day there comes more news reporting an awful accident on the driveway.

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If you think that it can happen only with a very inexperienced or negligent driver, have a look at how Colleen from demonstrated the blind spots in front of the Toyota Echo and Toyota 4Runner. You’ll be surprised how INvisible children get even as far as 6 feet away from the vehicle. This is something that could be easily resolved with an aftermarket front camera.

Unfortunately, manycars, especially BMWs, aren’t sold with pre-installed front bumper camera units. And, no, manufacturers don’t create this visibility problem on purpose (I hope). In general, the front blind spot issue is a result of two main incentives:

  • To strengthen the safety of the driver – and from this we get wider A-pillars, more sloped windshields and less visibility;
  • To make the car look cooler – here goes the long hood, higher driver’s compartment, etc.  

Although a car front camera system doesn’t secure all lookout angles, it does cover the front of your BMW thanks to its wide-angle lens. It is usually activated through the iDrive control panel, but depending on compatibility with your vehicle, can stream the image automatically after you shift from reverse to drive.

As you can see, a BMW vehicle front camera is really the tool that can enhance your safety and the safety of others. Of course, you will still need to be super attentive, especially if you have small kids running around. But this small add-on can definitely make it easier for you to ensure safe driving.

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