Nothing comes for free in this life, especially everything connected with BMW. So, whenever you’re buying a new BMW vehicle or want to revamp your good old car, don’t be surprised that you will need to dive into the cookie jar. But there are some things that can be made


What sounds do you associate with BMW? The roar of a high-performance engine? The squeal of the tires as you tear round a bend? Or the delightful honk of a baritone saxophone? If you answered anything other than the latter, you’re (apparently) doing it wrong. This year marks the


Buy a new Chevy Cruze and you’re going to get support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Whether you want it or not. There’s no way to opt out of the MyLink infotainment system, and both CarPlay and Android Auto are standard features. Chevrolet aren’t alone, of course. Ford’s latest


ModMyNav’s range of high-quality park assist cameras are the perfect match for your BMW. Whether you’re looking for a reverse camera for parking up or a front camera for improved visability, you can’t go wrong with a ModMyNav camera kit. We can help you find the right backup


Mirroring your iOS or Android smartphone to your BMW’s iDrive display lets you use all your favorite smartphone apps in your car, with the convenience of the iDrive’s dashboard display. Whatever you see on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll see on your iDrive screen, whether that’s Google Maps

Smartphone mirroring

BMW has announced that its BMW Connected service, allowing BMW owners to interact with their car from an app on their iOS or Android smartphone, will soon offer integration with Google Assistant. The service will be rolled out in the USA in December 2017. Google Assistant is Google’s attempt at

The headlight of the 2018 BMW X3

The release of the new third-generation X3 could turn out to be a milestone for BMW. Though a company once associated pretty strongly with its sporty sedans, the X line of compact crossover SUVs (or SAVs in BMW-speak) now makes up around a third of all vehicle sales. And the

A snow-covered road in winter

Pumpkin spice everything. Freezing rain. People complaining that people are already getting ready for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas. It can only mean one thing: winter’s on its way. But how do you make sure your BMW is ready to face everything the winter months have to throw at it? We take a look


Now, I’m sure you’re a wizard with the steering wheel. You can probably squeeze your BMW into jaw-droppingly tight parking spaces without breaking a sweat, to the rapturous applause of assembled onlookers. But not everybody can be blessed with this remarkable gift. In fact, a recent study by UK car

Park assist
Boxes of spices on a table at a spice market

With ModMyNav, it’s easy to add advanced technology to your BMW. We let you choose just the features you want, and build them into a complete upgrade kit. Our park assist camera kits and smartphone mirroring kits make a great starting point. Choose between a front or backup

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