Front View Camera Kit


A front-facing park assist camera for BMW designed to integrate perfectly with your car. The wide-angle lens is mounted discreetly in the front grill with the picture being shown on the stock iDrive dashboard display.

The camera can easily be activated using the iDrive controller for maximum convenience when parking.

Delivery time:
2–7 business days

Shipment: $20


Confirm compatibility with your BMW.

  • Front View Camera Kit for your BMW

    This integrated front-facing camera adds greater park assist capabilities to your BMW. The wide-angle lens is fitted discreetly in a small hole cut in the front grill, to make sure you won’t miss any low obstacles in front of your car. Perfect for vehicles with a low front lip, where scratches and other damage can be common.

    The high-quality full-screen picture from the front-view camera is shown on the factory iDrive display, so it’s easy to see when parking, for maximum peace of mind. Integration with the iDrive system means the front camera can be activated and deactivated manually with a touch of the iDrive controller.

    The kit is entirely enclosed behind the dashboard for a clutter-free factory look. Adding greater park assist functionality to your BMW shouldn’t mean losing the clean look of your interior or exterior.

    No wire-cutting or soldering is required during installation, with all necessary cables and plugs included in the kit. A small hole cut in the front grill is the only permanent modification to your vehicle necessary to install the camera kit. No coding is required to activate the camera, meaning it will work immediately after installation.

    Extend this kit with your choice of accessory to add even more features to your BMW.

    • Plug-and-play installation.
    • Wide-angle lens.
    • High quality image.
    • Works with the factory iDrive display.
    • Activated from the iDrive controller.
    • Seamless integration with vehicle exterior.
    • Waterproof
    • Front camera module.
    • ModMyNav multimedia interface.
    • PnP harness.
    • RCA cable.
    • Zip ties.
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