Full-screen Backup Camera Kit


This high-quality backup camera for BMW is carefully designed to fit your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

The wide-angle camera lens is mounted in the trunk handle for a clean, factory-like look. When activated, a full-screen picture from the reverse camera is displayed on the factory iDrive screen, keeping your dashboard clutter-free.

Delivery time:
2–7 business days

Shipment: $20


Confirm compatibility with your BMW.

  • Full-screen Backup Camera kit for your BMW

    This high-quality park assist camera kit for BMW has been designed with your vehicle in mind. To mount the camera module, just switch out the factory trunk handle for the replacement included in this kit, which features a built-in wide-angle lens. The replacement handle is a perfect match for the factory handle, for a clean, stock appearance.

    The crystal clear image from the camera is displayed on the factory iDrive dashboard display, so you won’t have to add any extra screens to your interior. Besides being in the ideal position to quickly glance at while parking, the full-screen picture from the camera makes it easy to see exactly what’s behind your car.

    In compatible vehicles, the camera will activate automatically when shifting into reverse, and can be manually activated with the iDrive controller. Contact us for more information.

    This kit is ideal for leased vehicles, thanks to its 100% reversible plug-and-play installation. The camera will work fully out of the box without the need to code or program your BMW.

    The interface included in this kit makes it easy to add more features to your vehicle with our range of optional accessories.

    • Plug-and-play installation.
    • High quality full-screen image.
    • Works with the factory iDrive display.
    • Seamless integration with trunk handle.
    • Waterproof.
    • Trunk handle with backup camera module.
    • ModMyNav multimedia interface.
    • PnP harness.
    • RCA cable.
    • Zip ties.
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