HD Screen with Backup Camera kit


Designed for E6x and E9x BMWs, this high-resolution 8.8” screen is a drop-in replacement for the smaller 6” factory display. The clearer, larger screen makes it easy to see exactly what’s behind your vehicle when paired with a reverse camera.

The included rear view camera module is mounted discreetly in the trunk handle, with the picture shown on your new HD Screen, keeping your interior and exterior clutter-free.

Delivery time:
2–7 business days

Shipment: $20


Confirm compatibility with your BMW.

  • This 8.8”, 1280×480 screen is designed for pre-2009 E60/E61/E63/E64 and E90/E91/E92/E93 BMWs with a CCC or M‑ASK head unit. The unit is designed as a drop-in replacement, and will fit your dashboard perfectly, like it came from the factory.

    The larger screen is ideal when paired with our backup camera, giving a clear, full-screen picture of exactly what’s behind your BMW. The screen includes a custom interface that allows displaying dynamic on-screen parking lines when reversing, which bend as you turn the steering wheel.

    As well as working with your new dashboard display and being activated with the factory iDrive controller to keep your interior free of clutter, the wide-angle camera lens is mounted in your BMW’s trunk handle, for a factory-like exterior appearance.

    The entire kit features 100% reversible installation, with no permanent modification to your BMW, making it ideal for leased vehicles. The kit will also function immediately after installation, with no need for coding or programming. Factory iDrive functionality will be unaffected.

    This kit is fully compatible with our optional accessories, so you can add more park assist or multimedia features to your kit.

    • Plug-and-play installation.
    • High quality full-screen camera image.
    • 8.8″ 1280x480 replacement screen.
    • Activated from the iDrive controller.
    • Camera integrated in the trunk handle.
    • Waterproof camera module.
    • High-resolution replacement screen.
    • Trunk handle with backup camera module.
    • ModMyNav multimedia interface.
    • PnP harness.
    • RCA cable.
    • Zip ties.
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