Mirroring Device for iOS and Android


Extend any ModMyNav kit by adding smartphone mirroring for iOS and Android. Use Google Maps on your BMW’s iDrive screen for improved navigation, or YouTube and Netflix for entertainment on the go.

The image will be cast wirelessly through AirPlay or Miracast, and audio will be streamed through your vehicle’s stereo system.

Delivery time:
2–7 business days

Shipment: $20


Confirm compatibility with your BMW.

  • Mirroring Device for iOS and Android

    Available with any ModMyNav kit, our Mirroring Device lets you cast your iOS or Android smartphone to the iDrive screen without any wires. Use your favorite apps in your BMW, whether it’s Google Maps or Waze for navigation or Netflix or YouTube for entertainment.

    Full integration with your vehicle means the device can be activated with the factory iDrive controls, and uses the stock dashboard display to keep your interior looking clean and clutter-free.

    Video will be mirrored with the AirPlay protocol for iPhones, or the Miracast protocol for Android and other devices. Please confirm that your smartphone is compatible with the AirPlay or Miracast protocols before purchasing. Audio will be played through your BMW’s sound system for an improved multimedia experience.

    100% reversible installation makes no permanent changes to your vehicle and does not require coding before use, so is perfect for leased vehicles.

    Please note that this is not a standalone item, and requires the interface included in one of our kits in order to function.

    • Plug-and-play installation
    • HD picture quality.
    • Wireless smartphone mirroring to the iDrive screen.
    • Seamless integration with both Android and iOS devices.
    • No modification to vehicle's interior.
    • AirPlay/Miracast receiver.
    • HDMI cable.
    • RCA to AUX cable (for certain models).
    • USB power cable.
    • Zip ties.
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